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ISAAC – Irrigation System Analysis and Computation

ISAAC is PC software designed to make a number of computations to determine the application uniformity of irrigation systems. Basically a number of observation measurements in the field are collected and entered to make the computation. The resulting report may be printed, saved as a universal RTF file, saved to HTML (for web use) or saved for future reference. The raw data may also be saved to reference at a later date.

This program is provided by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service via Stripling Irrigation Research Park. For further information contact Calvin Perry, It was developed by Kerry Harrison, retired UGA Extension Irrigation Specialist.

System Requirements: ISAAC is designed to work under Windows 95/98/2000 (but should work with newer versions of Windows in compatibilty mode) and should operate satisfactory on any system that will run any of these systems. The installation will require up to 5 MB of disk space depending on the system configuration.

This download requires a password.  Please email for this information and then visit the ISAAC download page.